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New website!

Posted by Miri on February 15, 2021 at 10:25 AM Comments comments ()

I have some rather exciting news! (Well, I think it's exciting, but then the highlight of my social calendar for the last year has been discovering there's a coffee machine in the local corner shop, so...)

I have a new website. Several people have mentioned this one was rather clunky, difficult to read, and that - rather defeating the entire point of it! - the text disappeared when copied and pasted!

So I have had a new one developed, by a rather spectacularly talented web designer (I am amazed he managed to get that crease out of my profile pic, something I've been trying to do for six years...), and am in the process of migrating all my content onto it.

I give you: www.miriaf.co.uk

Please do save the link, as Facebook has recently exposed me as a Russian agent (having already established I am causing "physical harm" with my posts), so my days there may be numbered....

Virtually human

Posted by Miri on February 5, 2021 at 6:35 AM Comments comments ()

My post yesterday about the encroaching expose of the entertainment industry generated some very interesting comments and discussions, in particular, the question, is this the end for Hollywood? How can it be, when it has been such a central tool for such a long time in achieving social engineering and controlling the minds of the masses?

My thoughts on that are that it has done its job (as have schools). The overlords don't need it anymore, as they have something 'better' (worse. So much ineffably worse...) in store.

Have a think about actors and rock stars. People who are renowned for being pathologically egotistical, diva-like, difficult to work with - and, of course, ludicrously expensive. There's also the irritating little fact that actors, as human beings, have the most unbankable tendency to age, get sick, and die.

Guess what doesn't? Guess what never gets old, never turns up to work late or drunk, never demands exorbitant wages or drops out due to 'creative differences'? AI - artificial intelligence. Computer-generated imagery.

It was most revealing that this year's alternative Christmas message on Channel 4 featured the "deepfake" Queen. An entirely artificial construct generated by a computer that looks, speaks, and acts, just like the Queen. Would we have been able to tell the difference if it was also the deepfake Queen delivering the conventional message on BBC 1?

This kind of technology is so advanced now that anyone producing televisual entertainment does not need to rely on flawed, difficult, costly human beings to star in it. They can use the perfectly predictable, formulaic and flawless AI. And they will.

It won't stop there, though. It won't just be you watching some flickering images on a screen, generated by computer but otherwise indistinguishable from "normal" TV and movies. No. The visual entertainment of the future will be interactive.

Conventional TV and movies are over, because these reflect life, and life has been cancelled. We can't have big blockbusters about action heroes saving the world from external threats, when everyone is required to be inside at all times. We can't have romcoms and chick-flicks about dating, when we all must remain two metres apart, eschewing the company of anyone not from our household. We can't have tense psychological dramas in the age of the filthy face rag, where nobody can see anyone else's facial expressions.

And we can't have cinemas, because these cannot be made "Covid secure" - it's not viable for cinemas to enact "social distancing" and make a profit, so they will go out of business, as many already have. Hollywood movies make their money through theatre releases - "straight to video" is the kiss of death for any major production, hence, major productions and conventional films will cease.

So instead of sitting in a cinema watching a movie, you will sit in your front room and be in the movie. Virtual reality is the next frontier. When you can't go out, see anyone, travel, or have any form of meaningful leisure or human interaction, the only way of keeping you (comparatively) sane, as well as being an epically effective way of controlling you, is virtual reality. Why watch the movie, when you can be in it? (Besides, all conventional and classical Hollywood offerings will be cancelled and deleted - just like books and historical figures are being - once their stars' transgressions have been fully exposed. Society will be restored to factory settings - a blank slate for the 'elite' to scrawl upon.)

People will be able to select exciting action thrillers, passionate love stories, suspense-filled whodunnits, where THEY have a starring role, interacting with brilliant and beautiful AI "stars" - all courtesy of visors and body suits mimicking real sensations.

Nothing about this is far-fetched or sci-fi fantasy, the Mark Zuckerbergs and Elon Musks of the world have long since confirmed this is the goal, and so has the eerily prophetic, Black Mirror, which I intend to watch again (in the day, with the lights on - !). Creator of Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker - much like Aldous Huxley - isn't just "a clever guy with a good imagination". He's an insider who knows. He knows what's in store and he's been tasked with telling us, as letting us know what the plans are is part of the overlords' "code". Incidentally, Charlie Brooker named his son Huxley.

And once people are used to the 'perfection' of virtual reality, real reality - with its innumerable flaws, difficulties, upsets and (of course) nasty viruses - will seem a tawdry, pale, dangerous alternative. Why risk it?

This then leaves the overlords with a whole world to themselves to re-imagine as they see fit, whilst all the pesky useless eaters become computer-controlled, addicted, ineffective shells of anything that might previously have been recognised as human.

(But, hey. At least they never caught a cold.)

I think we need to really realise just how much human beings have already melded with screens, and how virtual reality *already is* more real, authentic, and plausible to many people than actual reality is. The Guardian reported this week that Matt Hancock is 'obsessed' with the move Contagion, on which he based his pandemic response, 'in order to inject some reality into it', whilst multiple virus enthusiasts have instructed us sceptics to "watch Casualty if you want to see how bad it really is!". Meanwhile, the person who is sitting next to me right now was in a recent Zoom meeting where several colleagues agreed they preferred Zoom to meeting in real life, as it was "more personal".

It will not be any sort of great psychological leap for people to replace actual reality with virtual reality - because they already have.

To return to the opening sentiments and the fall of celebrity culture - I'm all for this being exposed and torn down, but just like the dismantling of the world's governments that we will gradually see unfolding around us, this is no time for celebration. It's time - perhaps more urgently now than at any other previous point in human history - for eternal vigilance. That is, if we want a human future.

The fall of the false idols

Posted by Miri on February 4, 2021 at 6:40 AM Comments comments ()

I don't know if anyone's been following the Armie Hammer and Marilyn Manson revelations, but I think these are worth paying attention to, as the beginning of what is likely to be a much bigger, highly strategised, tactical reveal.

For those not in the know, Hammer - a C-list Hollywood actor, best known for playing the Winklevoss twins (whom Mark Zuckerberg nicked Facebook from) in 2010's The Social Network - has been accused by multiple ex-girlfriends of extreme sadism and sexual violence to the point of cannibalism. Apparently, he informed a number of partners he would like to remove one of their ribs, barbecue it, and eat it. He even claimed to have a private doctor on standby who would perform the operation.

For the average person, these claims sound so outlandish and ridiculous, it's easy to dismiss them as the vindictive ramblings of scorned exes.

However: the claims from multiple exes are very consistent, they all have what look like legitimate screenshots of private messages to back them up, and Hammer's ex-wife - who he is currently embroiled in a bitter divorce and custody battle with - says she believes the claims.

First of all, please let me make clear I am a firm advocate of due process and the concept of innocent until proven guilty, and a vehement opponent of trial-by-media. As far as I'm concerned, these allegations should have been kept private and Hammer been given the opportunity to defend himself in a court of law. He certainly should not be persecuted in any way, unless and until these accusations have been proven to be true.

However: the fact that they have been 'leaked', when all manner of Hollywood depravity (much worse than anything involving "consenting adults") is routinely covered up, is not something we should ignore. These revelations are extremely consistent with what "conspiracy theorists" and whistleblowers have been saying for years is going on in Hollywood: that the entertainment industry, much like politics, runs on depravity and blackmail. Morally compromised and corruptible people who can be controlled and kept in line via their vices (ask Matt Hancock how he managed to spend £50,000 of taxpayers' money on nine "takeaways" from a tiny and obscure East London restaurant).

Similar allegations have been made about Manson (not including cannibalism - yet). Multiple exes accusing him of systemic campaigns of sadistic abuse that left many of them with PTSD, requiring intensive therapy and sometimes hospital treatment. Manson has not - as one might expect, if these allegations were merely vindictive fabrications of bitter exes - hotly denied them; instead, he has issued a rather limp response stating the relationships were "consensual" (spoiler alert: abusers can manipulate consent for all manner of horrors; that doesn't make them okay) and that his exes' accounts are "distortions of reality". That is not a denial; it is rather confirming that, while the two parties' interpretations of events may differ, the events did indeed take place.

So, now Manson and Hammer are being dropped left, right and centre from agencies and projects, which first of all is reminding us that none of us is ever safe - someone could decide they don't like us and launch a campaign of wild accusations and abuse against us - but we get no chance to formally defend ourselves from these allegations before the rug of our life is pulled from under us. The same thing happened with the witch-huntery that was "MeToo". This is subconsciously priming us to accept the removal of due process and the rule of law.

Further, however, these accounts haven't been leaked for nothing. Why have these two particular men been targeted, when every big name in the industry is involved in something equally degenerate? It's because, as I say, it's the beginning of a tactical attack to reveal what Hollywood and the entertainment industry really are. Why would "they" want to do this? Because they are in the midst of an all-out, full spectrum psychological attack on the populace, and in psychological warfare, one of the most effective weapons is demoralisation. Destroy the culture from within by ripping down its icons and its heroes.

There's no bigger hero than a Hollywood hero, or a big rock star, and millions of people worship famous actors and musicians. If it is starkly revealed to the populace the reality of what these adored idols really are and what they really do, the psychological impact will be immense and, almost, unquantifiable. Think how many people's lives revolve around TV and the movies, how they follow the lives of big stars like these people are their friends. Imagine finding out they are involved in some of the worst atrocities possible (as I said, the reality is much worse than what has been revealed about Hammer and Manson so far).

The overlords are trying to break us, because demoralised, broken people are much easier to control, and then wipe out, than are people with strong, robust morals and ideals. When the Nazis occupied Poland in the war, the country was flooded with pornography in an attempt to demoralise, subdue, and ultimately break the will of the people. Pornography is a weapon of war and always has been, and the same goes for the related depravity and vices used to control "stars" and politicians.

So, please do keep a careful eye on the Hammer and Manson stories as they develop, and for who gets exposed next. This is setting the stage for "the big reveal" - and it's not going to be pretty.

A meditation on donation

Posted by Miri on February 2, 2021 at 9:20 AM Comments comments ()

I just received this lovely message through my site:

Hi Miri AF

I have sent you a small donation as I have just used one of your letter templates to send to Marks & Spencers shop re my non mask wearing. Thank you so very much for all your work and being so generous to provide these templates to the general public to amend. It would be lovely to think that everyone who uses your work, will automatically donate! You are amazing, lots of love to you, Best wishes, [name]

It warmed the cockles of my cold Aquarian heart (which is especially chilly as we move into my birthday month. It is absolute proof that God - who is an Aquarian, by the way (it's true! The devil is a Capricorn...) - has a sense of humour that he placed Valentine's Day in Aquarius - and then delayed my predicted early-Feb birth for precisely that day...).

Of course, many people have submitted donations for my work, which I appreciate enormously (thanks again ��). But a lot don't. Not just people who use my work free of charge (and it will always be free of charge, because the people who might need it the most may be the ones in no position to make a contribution for it), but people who actually commission me to do work for them. About 30% of them pay nothing. Sure, maybe some of them can't afford to, but I doubt that is the case for all, and as there's no set charge, most people can afford to contribute something.

These aren't bad, mercenary people. They're just not thinking properly about the other person - which we can all be guilty of at times. Most people who contact me to ask for help or who use my templates are not thinking about me and my financial situation, and often assume an expression of gratitude is a sufficient return. It's great to be thanked and told they appreciate my efforts - but at the end of the day, my bottom line is the same as everyone else's, and all the thank yous in the world don't pay the bills or put food on the table.

For my writing to be viable (it's not at the moment - quite a way off), I need to make enough to be able to comfortably meet all of life's essentials, and, of course, to have some set aside, too, in case - for instance - my laptop breaks, as happened last year, and I need to instantly replace it in order to keep working. When you're freelance and self-employed, all costs are down to you. There's no "work" or boss to bill for laptop repairs or phone bills or anything else you need to do your job. There's also no sick or holiday pay, so if - for instance, and as has also recently happened - I damage my back through overwork and need to take a break, I have to find the money to keep being able to pay my bills. I've had a cushion for a while through savings, but they are very nearly all gone.

I'm sure it goes without saying that I didn't set up my website (www.miriaf.webs.com

) or offer my writing services to become rich. If wealth was my goal, I would have stayed in the commercial world where, ten years ago, I was earning a princely sum as a PR manager. I walked away from it with no safety net because, to quote a well-known meme, something in my soul knew something wasn't right with this. I went back to college and studied Professional Writing. I was already a trained and experienced copywriter, but copywriting - writing to sell - can quickly become soulless, and that's not what I wanted my writing to be for: selling things, maximising profits for products of dubious value. I wanted to do something better.

I have tried since to only use my writing in ways that helps and serves others. I have had to take it on the chin that a lot of people are happy to be helped and served and give little or nothing in return.

What makes this possible to take and what galvanises me to keep going (I seriously felt like throwing in the towel last week) is messages like the above. As the message says, the donation given was not large. But the thought behind it was. If everyone who's benefitted from my work made a similar donation, I would be constantly suffused with a sublime warm glow of deep appreciation (almost thematic of that ridiculous day I was born on...) - AND be able to pay the rent and feed the cat (comparable costs if you have a Taurus cat... ��).

So, an ebulliently effusive thank you both to the writer of that message and to every one of you who have expressed similar sentiments and supported my work. I quite literally could not do this without you ��

Covid is not meant to be cured, it is meant to be continuous

Posted by Miri on January 28, 2021 at 7:50 PM Comments comments ()

Just a reminder: the overlords don't intend for this situation ever to end. They intend for restrictions, masks, vaccines, tracking, tracing, distancing, and isolating to be permanent.

Don't like it? Want your freedoms back? Tyrannical despots aren't going to just give them to you (funny that, isn't it, since all throughout history, whenever people have given away their essential freedoms in exchange for promises of safety, the overlords have always been so obliging and accommodating in promptly giving them back!).

If you want your freedom back, you're going to have to fight for it. Poland is fighting. Italy is fighting. Tens of thousands of businesses are opening in these countries in defiance of the restrictions, thereby forcing governments to back down.

Let's join them!

Here's some ideas for starting to reclaim our inalienable and essential liberties and rights:

If you have a business, open it on The Great Reopening this Saturday 30th January. If you don't have a business, support and spread the word about ones opening near you.

Join the anti-lockdown political party, Freedom Alliance. You don't need any previous political experience or even to be "into" politics - after all, if there was an anti-lockdown candidate at the ballot box this May, wouldn't you vote for them? www.freedomalliance.co.uk

Don't wear a mask. If you have to wear a mask, wear a smiley face badge to let people know you don't agree with mask mandates and are only wearing one under duress.

Reach out! If you encounter other people out and about without masks or with smiley face badges, talk to them! They're making a bold and principled stand that doesn't come without significant risks (by which I obviously don't mean catching the fluffed-up fantasy 'flu), and will hugely appreciate your support.

Reach out generally - there are more like-minded people in your local area than you think, and Facebook is a great way of finding them (feel free to drop your location in the comments and see who might be nearby!).

Vote with your wallet. Invest only in products and services which support your principles. Drive the extra few miles to go to the farm shop, rather than Tesco's. Order direct from small business websites, rather than using big corporations or Amazon. Boycott any businesses that discriminate against the mask-exempt, and let them know that you're doing this, and why. Pay in cash wherever you can.

Any other suggestions? Please list them in the comments

Most historical cultures have seen our time on Earth as some sort of test, and never has the veracity of this belief been clearer than in the last 12 months.

Last year was an IQ test. This year is a character test. It's time to rise to the challenge and prove your mettle.

Spot The Difference...

Posted by Miri on January 27, 2021 at 9:50 AM Comments comments ()

Spot the difference...

On the one hand, we have a leaflet written in clear and professional terms that invites its audience to think, by asking questions and presenting them with a wide array of source material, including both mainstream and "alternative" resources.

It doesn't make any unsubstantiated claims, it doesn't reduce the issue to simplistic, black and white terms, and it presents itself as a primer for further discussion. It doesn't suggest anyone is crazy, delusional, or stupid based on what conclusions they come to.

This is the leaflet written by the crazy, science-denyin', tin-foil-hat-totin', conspiraquack.

The other leaflet - ostensibly written by the sane, sensible, "pro-science" folk - is an exercise in cultish indoctrination and brainwashing. No sources provided. No evidence. No encouragement to think or question. Extremely strong implication that if you disagree, you're - at best - thick, but more probably, lethally dangerous and a menace to society.

Pro-tip: Something isn't "a myth" or "debunked" just because Snopes, the Guardian, or an unsourced leaflet says it is. I'm sorry to shatter anyone's illusions here, but people - including "experts" - do actually lie, and fudge and misrepresent figures and facts - and scientists, quite frankly, are easier to buy than politicians.

If you've ever asserted you're pro-vax because you trust "peer-reviewed research", you're just revealing you know nothing about peer-review.

By all means, read peer-reviewed research. But understand how corrupt and corruptible it is. The former editor of one of the most respected peer-reviewed journals in the world stated: "It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgement of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines.
 I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine."

What this means is that no-one's going to spoon-feed you the answers, including and especially "experts". You have to - and I know this can be very scary at times and many people have decided they'd rather outsource such an ominous task to the Government - think for yourself.

That hasn't been "debunked" (yet, but I'm sure the BBC is working on it).

The Empowerment of Epistles in a Pantomime Plague...

Posted by Miri on January 25, 2021 at 8:30 AM Comments comments ()

As a fervent believer in the might of the pen over the sword (and even the social distancing zapper... yes, it's a thing...), I've always enjoyed putting together a good strongly-worded letter. I've written several dozen since the fantasy 'flu began, to employers, hospitals, schools, newspapers and businesses, and to modestly good effect. Quite often, the recipients of the letters have backed down and responded in the desired way. You can see all my letters here: https://miriaf.webs.com/site-index

When I first started writing them, I offered my services to assist others who might variously be experiencing mask discrimination, pressures to get tests or vaccines, or who otherwise wanted to protest the pathological perpetuation of pantomime plague propaganda...

This has been a very instructive and enlightening exercise, and I thank everyone who has entrusted me with sometimes very personal issues to try and help them. I especially thank you if you've been kind enough to compensate me for my efforts, since letter-writing has taken up increasingly large amounts of time, inevitably at the expense of paid work.

However, I've now come to the conclusion that my writing letters for other people isn't helping them as much as empowering them to write them themselves would. I've covered many of the major issues in my existing templates, referenced the relevant laws and further resources, and for many situations, there is all the information there people need to start putting something together themselves.

Nevertheless, I get large numbers of requests every day for help to write letters that regard issues I've already addressed. I completely understand why this is happening, and that people are thinking - "but I can't write a good letter! Yours will be much better!" - and I'm very flattered they think so. But the only reason I can put together a half-decent missive is because of years of practice. The letter-writing fairy did not sprinkle her magical dust on me (alas!). I just practiced, and practiced, and practiced. That is the only way anyone gets good at anything. So, if I keep doing these letters for others, I'm taking away the opportunity from them to develop that skill themselves.

I will continue to write letters from my own initiative, addressing the increasingly insidious situation we find ourselves in and holding egregious authorities to account, and will always publish them on my website for anyone who wants to to use and adapt. But I can no longer offer personalised, bespoke letter-writing services - because ultimately, I don't think this is optimally serving others.

There's also the issue of my time and finances, neither of which are in great shape... I get huge numbers of requests for help and advice every day, and I am just one person with no "staff". Even if I spent every waking hour replying to people, I could not keep on top of it - and much of the work I am asked to do is unpaid. Like many of us, I'm not in a strong financial position and can't keep giving so much of my time away for free. I don't have a "day job" (lost it last year as a result of the corona circus), so rely entirely on writing to generate an income.

Many of you have very kindly and generously supported my efforts via donation and for this I am extremely grateful. But a large volume of people who want my help do not, and so I am going to have to be a bit more practical and prioritise my bottom line, which is that I need to make enough money to keep a roof over my head and non-GMO food on the table (and feed the world's hungriest cat... Pro-tip: check any potential cat's birthday and think very carefully if it is a Taurus! ��).

As I say, I will continue generating letter templates and publishing them on my website for others to use; writing articles and commentaries, and producing leaflets (new one coming soon!), but as of this week, will no longer be writing bespoke letters for other people. Thanks for your understanding on this; it's not a decision I've come to lightly.

I'm also in the process of having a new website developed, where letters and other content will be easier to access and download (I know there's a problem with the current site where the text turns completely black when copied and pasted! If you highlight the text and change the background to white and text to black, it reappears).

Thanks for reading, and thank you once again for all your fantastic support since the corona circus came to town. Without it, I would have truly despaired of humanity to the extent I might EVEN have been tempted to start watching the BBC...

...Okay, that's a bit of creative licence. It's never got THAT bad... ��

Testing Times

Posted by Miri on January 23, 2021 at 5:20 AM Comments comments ()

Ever since the pantomime plague began, your local friendly crazy quackaloons have been telling you the diagnostic test isn't fit for purpose and creates false positives, due to results being amplified too many times.

Now the WHO states the diagnostic test isn't fit for purpose and creates false positives, due to results being amplified too many times.

For the hard of thinking and BBC watchers (but I repeat myself ;) ), I will explain again what the PCR test does: it detects genetic sequences of viruses, but NOT viruses themselves. The more amplification cycles a test result goes through, the more genetic sequences it detects. As we all have all sorts of genetic debris floating about inside of us, then - to quote the inventor of the PCR test - "anyone can test positive for anything with the PCR. It doesn't tell you you're sick."

(Read this salutary tale from 2007 for what happens when PCR tests are inappropriately used to diagnose infectious illness: https://www.nytimes.com/2007/01/22/health/22whoop.html)

So, if you happen to be in the midst of orchestrating a pretend plague and want to create a lot of "positive cases" to terrify the masses, you just amplify the PCR test results a lot of times. Have you noticed how the propaganda press is always going on about rises in CASES? Not deaths. Not hospitalisations. Not even the sniffles. Just "cases". A "case" is a positive PCR result, and hence, in reality, meaningless. It doesn't tell us anything about whether more people are ill or not.

Nevertheless, most people take headlines at face value and don't and can't think (critical thinking having been intentionally axed from the national curriculum years ago), so they believe an explosion in "cases" a pandemic makes. Oh, but you know someone who was really sick "with Covid"? I'm heartless for denying its severity? Look: I don't deny you knew someone very sick. They may even have died. But elderly and unwell people, and sometimes younger people, do die. It's tragic, but it's life. In normal circumstances, 1,600 people die every day in the UK alone. That number hasn't significantly increased. Just because they "tested positive" on an unfit-for-purpose test shortly before their death does not prove they died "from Covid", and it certainly doesn't prove there's a pandemic. 

The PCR test has been used to create the illusion of a pandemic to manufacture your consent for a variety of draconian and authoritarian measures that you never would have accepted unless you had been scaremongered into compliance. The best way to control people is to scare them - all repressive regimes know that. 

But - now we have the miraculous saviour vaccine, so the propaganda angle has got to change.

Hence - the WHO is now telling labs across the world to reduce the number of  PCR cycles. This means a dramatic decrease in positive test results, which will be used as "evidence" the vaccine is working. 


Meanwhile, as bad reactions to the experimental gene therapies being marketed as vaccines mount up, this will be used as evidence for why we need to keep the restrictions, as bad vaccine reactions will be blamed on "the virus mutating" and as evidence we don't have "herd immunity". We will be told new and different vaccines are needed every six months or so to fight the never-ending "new strains".

So, both restrictions and vaccines will go on and on and on. This will last until at least 2025, by which point, you will have been fully and irreversibly re-engineered, to be terrified of other people, to eschew all physical contact, to smother your airways and hide your face, and to view your fellow human beings with deep suspicion and hostility, snitching to the authorities if they break "the rules", and viewing them as nothing but filthy disease vectors and potential mass murderers. That's if you survive the next five years, of course, which, if you keep getting vaccinated, is not necessarily very likely. - especially if you're older and/or have existing health problems. 

That's the future in store for you if you keep believing the execrable and mendacious lies being fed to you by your government, and their state propaganda organs "the press".

 Yes, I know I'm just a crazy conspiracy theorist, and why should anyone listen to me? But you know what the biggest conspiracy of all is? Believing the Government has your best interests at heart. 

The Protest of Reason

Posted by Miri on December 12, 2020 at 6:45 AM Comments comments ()

I was just going to write a short 'good luck' message to everyone going to the protests today, when it occurred to me to think what absolutely superhuman miracles of medicine all protest-goers clearly are. Mingling (that's illegal, you know) with hundreds, if not thousands, of others, without masks, shaking hands and hugging, singing, laughing, and not a bottle of hand sataniser (sic - and isn't it just) in sight.

Do bear in mind, protest-goers are not exclusively made up of super-healthy twentysomethings. On the contrary. Protest-goers include:

*The over 50s, 60s, and 70s;

*Those with underlying health conditions;

*The overweight;


*The asthmatic, diabetic, allergic.

In short, they represent a full cross-section of society, including plenty of people deemed by the government at "high risk" from the current cold. I mean, deadly plague.

And yet.... Not one of these people have died. Not one has been hospitalised. I've heard unconfirmed reports of a few sore heads (whether this is virus or vodka related is unknown), but that's about it.

If there really was a super-infectious deadly contagion sweeping the nation, then every time there was a protest, the papers would be festooned with reports of lethally foolish protest-goers now in hospital, if not the morgue, and all because of their own grotesque irresponsibility and ingratitude (we are only destroying your life and DNRing your gran BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU).

Does this ever happen? No, it doesn't. Hundreds or thousands of people congregate in close proximity every single weekend, eschewing all "the rules", and nobody gets ill. Nobody dies. Why do you think this is?

Is it because a) protestors are all superhuman modern miracles of turbocharged immunity, or b) something else?

I think I can happily speak for all my fellow kerazy conspiraquacks, when I say, yes, we would all happily do a shift at the local Covid ward, without PPE. We would be more than willing to sacrifice our right to NHS treatment if we develop "Covid-like symptoms". We most certainly are very happy indeed to be banned from receiving the vaccine.

So what is the reason for this? Are we all just insane with a death wish which, maddeningly frustratingly, is never realised, no matter how many PPE-less people we perambulate alongside or unquarantined items we allow into our homes, or could it be... possibly... something else..?

School Bullying Has Become Medical Assault

Posted by Miri on December 10, 2020 at 7:15 PM Comments comments ()

I was talking to a friend last night about the HPV vaccine. Her daughter didn't have it - one of only a tiny smattering of pupils in her year who didn't - and at first, she wasn't at all happy about this. It wasn't just that she didn't want to be the odd one out amongst her friends, but rather, that her form tutor was repeatedly aggressively asking her, "so you want cancer, do you? You know you're going to get cancer if you don't get this vaccine, don't you?"

Cue my friend having to reassure her terrified 12-year-old daughter that, no, declining a neurotoxic injection full of detergents and sterilants was NOT going to doom her to a grisly cancer death (there remains no evidence whatsoever that the HPV vaccination has or ever will prevent a single case of cancer, though cervical cancers in the age-group that have had the vaccine have increased).

On vaccination day, my friend's daughter came home from school and declared, "Mum, you were right, I'm SO glad I didn't have that vaccine."

She then regaled her mother with the tale of how, prior to summoning the pupils into the school hall for vaccination, gym mats were rolled out across the floor. This was because the school was fully anticipating pupils to pass out.

Upon the vaccination being administered, several instantly fainted, and one began convulsing and had to be taken away in an ambulance. The school wasn't in the least perturbed, clearly used to this happening every year.

Amongst my social circle alone, I've heard reports of: girls having to lock themselves in the school toilets as staff bang on the door and shout at them trying to force them to have the vaccine; girls being cornered in rooms by multiple staff members and physically forced to have it; girls being taunted by peers and staff alike that if they don't get the vaccine, they will die of cancer. These are 12-year-olds.

In all of the above cases, the parents had clearly and unambiguously stated they did NOT consent to their daughters having the vaccine.

However, schools have full legal coverage to give the vaccine anyway, and many do so under extreme duress, because of a nasty little law called "Gillick competency", which declares that, if a medical professional deems a child "competent to understand the issues", they can consent to their own medical treatment without parental consent or even knowledge. What this means in practice is adult authority figures coercing children into receiving invasive medical procedures and then bullying them into not telling their parents. This is happening all the time, in schools up and down the country.

We need a robust challenge to the Gillick ruling to ensure children are no longer ruthlessly exploited and coerced into doing things they don't understand, and we need the law to put medical decisions for children back where they belong - with parents. 

The only organisation I am aware of that is looking to challenge Gillick competency is the Freedom Alliance political party, which I've recently joined. Please have a read of their page on medical consent, including vaccine mandates and Gillick competency, and if you like what you read, do consider joining as a member.


I know many of us have our reservations about the political system, but I think at this point we need to try everything we can to stop the juggernaut that's coming. If Gillick can be used to force HPV vaccines on children, it can and will be used to force Covid ones, too.

While we have a political system and have the means to organise and challenge, let's use it. 



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