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Politicising the Pantomime

Posted by Miri on October 10, 2020 at 5:45 AM Comments comments (0)

It's most interesting to note it is all the more "right-wing" newspapers and figures opposing lockdown (Daily Mail, Telegraph, Spiked, and their various journalists and contributors), whilst the holy "liberal" (har de har) shibboleths of the Guardian, BBC and Independent keep up their banshee-like shrieking for ever tighter restrictions.

When the death count does really start to sharply rise, as it will very soon, courtesy of 'flu vaccines, contaminated test kits, months of sedentary solitary confinement, and filthy face nappies, this will then be used as another stick to beat the "evil right-wingers" with (bearing in mind the definition of "right winger" is now - quite dizzyingly perversely, given we ostensibly have a Conservative government - anyone who disagrees with the state on anything).

Once the deaths start spiking and the hospital beds start filling up - as happens every "flu (vaccine) season" - the "right wing" (e.g. any and everyone who has ever opposed lockdown restrictions) will be painted as selfish, reckless, science-denying granny-killers, whilst the noble, holy, Guardianistas, who obediently sacrificed their entire lives upon state command and begged for ever more to be taken away from them, will be canonised as altruistic saints whose advanced intellects and superior moral compasses allowed them to have the foresight and to make the sacrifices that the "right wingers" were just too evil, selfish, and thick to do.

Have you noticed how all the anti-lockdown protests are ALWAYS characterised by the press as "right wing", when there is no evidence those attending share any particular political allegiance? Has the press made any attempt to interview protestors in significant numbers and establish the most common political leanings? Of course not, so why this relentless mischaracterisation? It's because the whole thing is being carefully stage-managed to set up anyone who opposes Holy State and Dear Leader as "right wing", a slur we have all been taught to conflate with the worst character traits and historical figures imaginable.

So, the more the "right wing" mainstream press and talking heads oppose lockdown, and the more the "liberal" ones support it, the more I worry about what the endgame is with this, and whether it is about - very cleverly and persuasively, certainly - stage-managing us into a trap. The oldest trick in the post-war book - Reductio ad Hitlerum.

In short: anyone who opposes the state-us quo is a Nazi.

(Never mind the fact Nazi is an abbreviation of National SOCIALIST - why let the truth get in the way of a good story? The state certainly never has.)


Memories of muzzle-less mandates

Posted by Miri on October 5, 2020 at 5:30 AM Comments comments (1)

Facebook showed me a rather pertinent and prophetic "memory" this morning, which I reproduce below.

A further poignant twist is that I vividly remember writing it, sitting in The Graduate pub in York, an establishment I had happily sauntered into veritably flaunting my nose and mouth, where I had been greeted by the smiling faces of PPE-free staff (ah, those halcyon days when pubs looked like pubs and not medical detainment facilities!), and no-one wanted my personal details to pass onto the state in case they wanted to incarcerate me. Can you believe the human race made it as far as 2020 routinely deploying such reckless and cavalier disregard for our safety?!

From October 5th, 2019


*Healthy, affordable, unprocessed food;

*A clean food chain free of glyphosate and other carcinogens, poisons, and anti-nutrients;

*Uncontaminated water free from aluminium, chlorine, fluoride, and other hazardous materials;

*Clean air free from pollutants;

*Safe food containers free of endocrine disruptors;

*Safe medicines free from mutagens, sterilants and carcinogens



Conclusion: Mandating vaccines is not about optimising the nation's health. The health epidemics currently ravaging the country - obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia, and autism - are not caused by a lack of vaccination.

Whilst cancer is now projected to affect one in two people, and millions suffer the crippling consequences of autism, diabetes, dementia, and other chronic conditions, the current measles 'epidemic' is affecting 0.0004% of the population. Of those 0.0004%, approximately 0.01% will experience serious complications as a result.

Given these facts, I'd be most interested indeed to see the figures that show vaccinating millions on the public purse is cheaper than treating measles, mumps, rubella etc. Of course, it isn't, because a) vaccination doesn't reliably prevent outbreaks; even 100% vaccinated populations can experience them, and b) in the overwhelming majority of cases, measles and other childhood diseases are trivial and benign, and require no treatment whatsoever from the NHS.

So, Health Secretary, why this obsessive focus on mild and brief infections, which only in exceptional cases require hospital treatment? Measles and mumps are not bringing the NHS to its knees; diabetes and autism are. Chicken pox is not causing catastrophic crises throughout social care; dementia is. 50% of people aren't getting rubella; they're getting cancer.

There are myriad proven ways to prevent and treat the chronic conditions listed above (note that the HPV vaccine isn't one of them, as it has never been shown to prevent a single case of cancer), but rather than use the state propaganda organs - sorry, 'free press' - to promote these, instead, those charged with preserving and promoting national health want to mandate injections of known neurotoxins, carcinogens, and sterilants, which have never been shown to improve a nation's health or longevity (quite the contrary, in fact).

Powerful figures behind mass vaccination drives openly state their commitment to significantly depopulating the world. People who prioritise depopulating the planet have no incentive to protect or preserve life, so clearly that's not really what vaccines are for.

Obviously, pointing out this flagrant discrepancy in global policy makes me a conspiracy theorist. To avoid that label, it's important you see what authority figures tell you to see, rather than using your brain and your eyes, and seeing what is actually there.

''The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.'' - George Orwell, 1984

The Age of Implied Consent

Posted by Miri on September 17, 2020 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (1)

My position since they closed the schools has been that, when they do reopen them, it will be for one reason and one reason only - mass vaccination. Once this has been accomplished, the schools will be shut again - this time permanently. 

(Please see my earlier post on why permanent closure of the schools is a major agenda item: https://www.miriaf.com/apps/blog/show/48836324-schools-brave-new-normal-).

The schools have barely been back two weeks, and I'm already hearing reports they're vaccinating children, and not just without parental consent, but without even informing the parents first that a vaccination drive is taking place - and I'm sorry to say that this has been going on for years and it's effectively impossible to challenge after the event, due to two completely diabolical rulings, known as 'Gillick competency; and 'implied consent'.

Gillick competency really only applies to secondary-aged children (although there is no set age where a child becomes Gillick competent, and I certainly wouldn't put it past schools to use it on older primary pupils), and it is a law which states that if a medical professional considers an underaged child "competent to understand the issues involved", they can consent to medical procedures without parental consent or even knowledge. So your 12-year-old child could come home from school having received a vaccination or series of vaccinations and you would never know, unless the child at some point decided to tell you. I have heard more than one report of a girl in her early teens suddenly developing health problems such as PCOS, with the family at a loss as to where they've come from - until eventually discovering she received the HPV vaccine at school, even when the family had expressly contacted the school beforehand to revoke consent. That doesn't matter, because legally, consent for vaccination doesn't reside with the parent, but with the child. Schools pay lip service to the idea of parental consent by sending out forms to lull the parents into a false sense of security - "we would never medically assault your child behind your back! Who do you think we are?!" - but they would and they do.  Even when the children know their parents have said no and they don't want it themselves, the pressure from the school, including their peers ("oh, so you want cancer then, do you?") can be too much. 

Schools have a very loose definition of "consent" where it comes to applying vaccination, and this interpretation is aided and abetted by the WHO's position on the matter, which states:

"the physical presence of a child or adolescent at the vaccination session, is considered to imply consent." Parents may be informed in advance this session is taking place "sometimes".

(See page 3, point 3: https://www.who.int/immunization/programmes_systems/policies_strategies/consent_note_en.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2QK5RyTJ8jWGsPueuLtoNFvkGZ4tzf6NpLqsxG5pGuqhtS_7G-enIzT8I )


Bottom line: Children can and will be vaccinated without parental consent or knowledge and there is no way to know for definite whether this has happened.  Mass vaccination drives are the only reason the establishment wants children back in schools, and these vaccines (whatever they are; I'm hearing reports of children coming home reporting receiving "multiple" jabs) are being used to create the "second wave".

Bill Gates warned us - grinning and sniggering all the while, ecstatic with duper's delight - that the second wave "will really get their attention". So, he is telling us: there IS going to be severe ill health this time. People we know ARE going to be dying and dead. I see no evidence the overlords are capable of creating mass ill health by releasing something into the air - but they can do it by injecting something into people. It could be something that sheds (live virus vaccines, such as the MMR, shed the infection for up to six weeks afterwards, making the recipients contagious; it's why recently-vaccinated persons are asked not to visit cancer wards). 

I know this is such a difficult decision because removing children from school can seem like an impossible option (if the parents need to work, or have opposing views), but please be aware of what schools can and do do to children, and that they will probably be closing down permanently soon anyway. The system currently, where if one child tests positive for coronavirus (on a totally inappropriate and flawed test known to regularly throw up false positives), dozens of others are sent home for weeks, is obviously completely unsustainable and it is meant to be. As I said in my post linked at the top, they are purposely making schools unsustainable in the long-term as they want them (and colleges and universities) closed down permanently and all learning moved online; the only reason - the ONLY reason - they are open right now is to get the children mass-poisoned - sorry, "vaccinated" - to create a tidal wave of ill health that will "really get our attention".

If you're able to get your children out of schools, please do seriously consider it. If you can't, make sure they know they have your permission to walk off school premises if any pressure is put on them to receive a vaccination and you will come and collect them, or arrange a taxi. 

We are in a war, and the enemy is not honourable. They will play dirty. We must be forewarned and forearmed, especially when they target the children, which they always do, because evil is always after the children.  Everything that can be done to protect them at the moment must be the priority. 

Gun, Face, No Space

Posted by Miri on September 5, 2020 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (0)

 I went to a pub yesterday - or rather, I tried to - and had barely set foot in the door when a girl in a visor pointed a gun at my head and said brightly:

"Can I take your temperature please."

No question mark, because it wasn't a question. I spun on my heel and got out of there as quickly as I possibly could. The most disturbing part about this was that the pub was full and bustling. People obviously didn't mind.

"What's the problem, it's just taking your temperature, it doesn't harm you, just calm down and get on with it, Karen."

That will have been the mentality of every punter in there. It's "just taking your temperature", just like it's "just a mask", and it's "just two metres" and yes, we all know where that line of thinking ends (hint: it doesn't. It never ends. It becomes used to justify anything and everything).

It's so thoroughly depressing that people would submit to having a gun pointed at their heads (the psychological connotations of that are obvious and the health effects of the infrared ray are unknown) and volunteer private, personal health information to total strangers in order to have a drink in a pub. Today, they take your temperature, but what will it be tomorrow? Your weight? Your blood pressure? Your vaccination status?

And, of course, it will be the latter and that's what this, the gun-pointing, is all building up to. Normalising the idea of having a scan and a health-check at the door before you go in anywhere. If pubs have already casually and successfully sold the idea to people that it's perfectly fine, sane, and normal to be temperature-checked before you go in, it's no leap at all to being vaccination-checked. And this is something I am profoundly concerned about, because how do we tackle it? I don't think the government will "force" the vaccination; I don't think they'll be going door-to-door and I don't think they'll go against parental wishes and do it covertly at school (not after so many parents have made such a racket and it's even made the press; it would be too much of a headache for them).

What I do think is that they will effectively lock those of us who don't comply out of society. The mask-wearing is a beta-test, intended to make those who don't wear one feel intimidated and unwelcome in society to the extent they start to acclimatise to not fully participating in it, and it's worked very well, but at least there is some legal and medical protection for not wearing a mask. Medical exemptions for masks are generally (not always, but generally) recognised and the law states you need provide no proof or letter from a doctor.

However, the same is not so for vaccination. Getting a medical exemption for vaccination is harder than pulling hen's teeth (even if you had a child so profoundly injured by a vaccine they died, and it was proven in court the vaccine killed them, this still wouldn't be enough reason for their siblings to be granted a medical exemption). Therefore, refusing the vaccine will be seen as a "lifestyle choice" with no medical justification, meaning shops, pubs, and other private businesses will be able to simply shut you out, the same way they can currently refuse service to people who don't want to have their temperature checked.

How do we tackle this? It's patently obvious that most people are prepared to submit to literally anything "to go back to normal" (which we never are, but little carrots of normality will be dangled under our noses in return for compliance) so I think a lot of people, even those somewhat vaccine-sceptic, will, when push comes to shove, think, "oh well, it might make me a bit ill for a few days like the flu vaccine, but it's worth it to go back to normal". And, even more sinister, I think many employers might try to mandate it - I think they would be on dicey ground if they actually tried to fire someone for not being vaccinated, but they could make working life very difficult, and insist you must work in isolation (and, perhaps, a gold star, to denote your filthy unvaccinated status). Or just insist you work from home permanently.

So this is my concern: I think we can avoid the vaccine, I think we can avoid the test. But how do we avoid effectively living the rest of our lives under house-arrest, if private businesses determine we can't enter without providing proof of vaccination status? Which they can do. We have no God-given "right" to enter any particular shop or business. Their businesses, their rules (hence rules about trainers and caps and other such things in clubs, and now temperature-checking in pubs).

That's my worry. They're going to use the vaccination to lock us out of the world.

What can we do?

URGENT: Don't send your children back to school

Posted by Miri on August 26, 2020 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (0)

I am very, very concerned about the re-opening of the schools and the more I see and read, the more I feel I must strongly advise anyone with school-aged children, don't send them back.

I know it's not as simple as that for parents who need to work, who don't have the support to homeschool, or whose older children are insisting themselves they will go back. But please think really carefully in the time we have left about what your options are. Could you use FB to link up with other nearby, like-minded families and support each other with homeschooling? (You'd be amazed at the connections you can use FB to make - I moved to Huddersfield last October, and when I arrived, I had no friends here at all - now, I have a big group of them that I meet with at least weekly; all thanks to FB!)

If your children are very young and you need extra hands-on support at home, have you thought about crowdfunding for a nanny or au pair? With the jobs market in tatters, I bet you'd be flooded with applications and would be doing a good deed for whoever you employ in helping keep them independent. Don't be shy to ask for financial help if you need it, and crowdfunding does work. Anyone wanting to do a campaign like this, let me know and I'll post it on my page.

If you've got older children who are demanding they must return to school, I wouldn't rule out bribing them to stay at home - ! This is only a short-term solution to keep them safe whilst the schools do their worst (I maintain my belief the schools will be closed permanently after a month or two as we enter the "second wave"). Of course bribing children is morally questionable, but at this point I would be doing anything possible to keep them at home - and frankly, bribing does work (I once knew a family where the parents told their delinquent, failing son they would give him £100 for every A he got at GCSE - they ended up nearly bankrupting themselves as he got a run of nearly completely straight As....). Obviously, this also depends on family resources, but you could promise them something for the future if you can't guarantee it now. Anything just to get them to cooperate in the short-term and keep them out of school.

I know this is an extraordinarily difficult area to navigate, but please heed the warnings of increasingly large numbers of people, including the Irish teacher's statement I posted yesterday and this short video from Sweden (in English, linked below). You could show this to older children, if you think they'd be receptive.

Schools are not a safe place for your children and the authorities are doing everything possible to make damn sure that they're not. Ultimately, once your child leaves your care at the school gates, you have no control over what happens to them next. Please think about what you're going to do very, very carefully, and as I say, don't be scared to ask for help (of whatever stripe) if you need it.



Quarantine Camps Coming Soon?

Posted by Miri on August 15, 2020 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (0)

I really don't want to scaremonger anyone, but I'm following the rapidly escalating developments in other countries, and I think it's very likely the "quarantines" already instituted in New Zealand are coming here.


In case you were unaware, NZ is now quarantining anyone who tests positive for coronavirus - regardless of whether they have any symptoms of illness - in state-controlled "facilities".


Who knows what's happening to people in these places, but bear in mind, in the UK, the Coronavirus Act allows the state and its agents to forcibly "treat" people against their will. Forced testing? Medicating? Ventilating? All could be happening in these quarantine facilities, and no-one would know, because medical staff are all gagged from speaking out about what's really going on.


I can imagine a situation in the UK where both positive-tested people and anyone they've come into contact with (family members, work colleagues, school friends) are ordered into quarantine. I could see this happening concurrently with ongoing power cuts, making it difficult or impossible for people to alert others via phone calls or social media that this is happening. Many people may not make it alive out of quarantine, and we will be told they died of the virus.


I sincerely hope these concerns are far-fetched conspiratorial nonsense, but frankly, everything about this current situation would have sounded that way six months ago, so we must consider even the most extreme possibilities.


In order to avoid any risk of state officials ordering you off to quarantine camps, it is of the utmost importance that you are never tested for this virus and that you do not ever submit details for track and trace. I would also advise caution with taking your phone out and using your bank card anywhere (pay cash only), because I certainly wouldn't put it past them to track us that way, too.


I would also advise extreme caution with children returning to school, because not only are they at risk of being tested there (remember that because of the Gillick competency ruling, parental consent or even knowledge is NOT required), but there is no fail-safe way of protecting them from track and trace given that all the schools have a daily list of who is in attendance. Whole communities could be marched off to quarantine if just one child tests positive.


I know many families are not in a position to home-school, so in these situations, please make sure your child is as armed as possible with the facts (see my vaccine site aimed at teenagers: www.striveuk.webs.com). If they're old enough, tell them to walk out if anyone tries to administer any test or vaccine to them. Have them sign a statement prior to school starting stating that they do not consent to testing or vaccination, and make sure this statement is sent via recorded post to at least three members of staff, and that they acknowledge receipt.


I think the state will stop short of actually, physically dragging anyone off against their will, because of a complex number of factors, not least some strange clause in their "moral code" that seems to require our "consent" for all the ruthless brutality they subject us to. But what they will do is use the mantle of their supposed authority to put huge, huge pressure on us to comply, including through lying and issuing threats. They will tell you that you "have to", that it's "mandatory", etc. and use trickery and linguistic sleights of legalese to manufacture your consent.


It will be a lot easier to avoid all this if they don't have cause to come to your house. The overlords are not omnipotent and don't have endless resources. They're not going to be knocking on every door in the country; they're going to be going for the "low-hanging fruit", people who have tested positive or participated in track and trace or are otherwise implicated in being a "virus risk". So it's really important to make sure you're not giving them any reason to pay you a visit.


I know a lot of us are looking into the Magna Carta and other ways to challenge the corrupt and illegitimate statutes and acts that are enabling this situation, and we should keep doing that. But there is no magic bullet, no "get out of jail free" card - including Q, Trump, The Plan etc. There may be some kind of value or validity in all of these things, but we've got to be aware of the WHOLE picture and how many different angles they're coming at us from. Quarantines, vaccines, food shortages, power cuts, unemployment, etc. etc. - there's no one way of addressing everything we may have to face, so just keep learning and keep being aware, because to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

The Future That They've Got Mapped Out?

Posted by Miri on August 5, 2020 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (0)

This is what I believe "they" have planned for the next six months:


The schools will go back in September as promised, but for the sole reason of making sure all pupils are vaccinated with the live, shedding 'flu nasal mist. You may have been told your child's school isn't doing the 'flu mist until later in the year, but "to protect the NHS", expect the programme to be moved forward. This is the only reason they want children to return to school.


(If it is at all possible, I would strongly advise not sending your child back.)


Within a couple of weeks, the 'flu mist will have shed all over the country, creating a tidal wave of ill health - as it does every year, but expect this year's vaccine to be turbocharged with nastiness - and hey presto, there's your "second wave".


Schools will then be closed nationwide, permanently. They are, we will be told, too dangerous to ever re-open, and all teaching will be moved online (I've posted about this before: https://miriaf.webs.com/…/48836324-schools-brave-new-normal- ).


The country will then declare a state of emergency and a second, much more draconian lockdown will be imposed at the end of September, of the sort going on in Australia now. No leaving your house for ANY reason, not even to exercise. State operatives going door-to-door to check you're inside. Huge on-the-spot fines for anyone found breaking "the rules".


Then, the coronavirus vaccine will debut - the most dangerous vaccine ever produced in human history, which is a position even held by many pro-vaccine advocates. The wall-to-wall propaganda and marketing for this vaccine will be extraordinary, and the pressure to receive it, enormous. Millions will, and then the country - already in compromised health from the shedding 'flu mist - will see mass illness and death on a scale never before experienced. The extra hospitals will be full (with the death-trap, organ-harvesting ventilators getting plenty of use, now that the state owns your organs*), and at that point, entirely unlike now, we will all personally know people who are affected.


We have already been told the vaccine won't be a "magic bullet" (after all, we have a 'flu vaccine, and the 'flu is still responsible for mass illness and death every year), so they will drag out the same script to explain why vaccinated people are dropping like flies - "the virus mutated" - "it would have been much worse if you weren't vaccinated" - "anti-vaxxers are compromising herd immunity" - rinse and repeat, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.


At that point, the country will be on its knees in a state of trauma and terror and certainly in no mood to celebrate Christmas, which will be cancelled. Visiting family banned. Christmas lights and attractions called off. And of course, no singing carols, because this, as we know, spreads the virus.


You can also factor in food shortages, power cuts, and a breakdown in law and order (the government has already promised us riots that will entirely eclipse those of 2011 in their severity) as the entire infrastructure of the country collapses.


By the time we get into early 2021, the ruthless assault on the psyche of the (surviving) people will be such that they will be stunned and defeated with trauma, prepared to do anything to feel safe and never experience this horror again. They will agree to chipping, tracking, tracing, monitoring, constant surveillance and vaccination - anything! Just don't make us live through this horror again!


"Of course not, my pretties," the criminally insane overlords will cackle. "Just do exactly as we say, always and forever, and we promise you protection and security. Now, here's your latest injection of sterilising carcinogenic neurotoxins to keep you safe, because we love you. Sorry about bulldozing your house, by the way."


This is the future they've got mapped out.


If it's not a future you particularly care for, the time for action is NOW. Every "little" thing we do, from writing to officials to challenging mask mandates to refusing to comply with track and trace, makes a difference, and if we all do "little" things as often as we can, we end up having a big impact.


We are many and they are few. The only reason they are getting away with this is our silence and compliance.


Speak up - even if your voice shakes. 



Incarcerating Over-50s: All Part of the Agenda

Posted by Miri on August 2, 2020 at 6:30 AM Comments comments (0)

So, now Alexander Johnson (we should not use his stage-name "Boris"; none of his friends or family do) suggests all over-50s are put under house-arrest.


The utter lunatic monstrosity of this aside, how will the rest of the populace prove when out and about that they're not over 50? After all, plenty of 40-somethings look 50 and plenty of 50-year-olds look ten years younger.


This is how they'll begin to normalise showing your ID if you want to go anywhere or do anything. The excuse will be "proving your age", but the reality will be, "indoctrinating you to accept presenting your papers to state officials upon command".


This is in the lead up to showing your immunity passport and proof of vaccination if you want to go anywhere.


It's also about accelerating the depopulation agenda by making over-50s virtually unemployable. This age-group already faces discrimination when job-seeking, but once employers know - whilst facing the worst jobs crisis in history - that over-50s could be "locked down" any time there's a new "outbreak", then they're going to be completely put off hiring them altogether.


As a result, you then have another huge swathe of people (on top of all the former small business owners, hospitality and service industry staff, and all other people who've seen their livelihoods suddenly and irreparably decimated) who can't support themselves and will be forced to take government "assistance". Some form of UBI will be introduced to "help" these people, and the number one condition of receiving it will be mandatory annual vaccination. Quite possibly more frequently than annually.


The health of all those being repeatedly vaccinated will collapse and within five years, most will be dead. These mass deaths will be blamed on "the virus mutating" and "anti-vaxxers compromising herd immunity".


The diabolically evil Satanists orchestrating all this consider all of us to be "useless eaters", consuming "their" resources, so they want most of us gone, but they are most incentivised to get rid of those approaching pension age, because by far the biggest slice of welfare spending is on pensions. Therefore, the ruling classes intend to bump most over-50s off before they get a chance to get there.


And they've got the perfect cover, by inventing a virus that is claimed to be most deadly to those over 50, and that can legally be put on a death certificate without even conducting a test.

"Coronavirus: Oxford vaccine triggers immune response." - BBC News

Posted by Miri on July 20, 2020 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Can you spot the anomaly in the following two sentences from the article? 


"The findings are hugely promising, but it is still too soon to know if this is enough to offer protection and larger trials are under way. The UK has already ordered 100 million doses of the vaccine."


Did you spot it? Well, if not, allow me to clarify - they are telling you THEY HAVE NO IDEA IF THIS VACCINE WORKS, but they have already ordered 100 million of them - enough for two doses for every man, woman and child in the country!


The article goes on to say: "The UK government has struck deals for 190 million doses of different vaccines.This includes:100 million doses of the Oxford vaccine made from a genetically engineered virus; 30 million doses of the BioNtech/Pfizer vaccine, which injects part of the coronavirus' genetic code; 60 million doses of the Valneva inactivated coronavirus. These have been paid for even though it is uncertain which, if any, of the vaccines may prove effective for immunising a nation with 66m people."




So they have ordered multiple millions of vaccines, for a virus with a 99% recovery rate, on the public purse, whilst in the middle of the worst recession for 300 years, even though THEY HAVE NO IDEA IF ANY OF THEM WORK.This is either the most economically incompetent administration in the history of the world - or these injections are being ordered for a purpose much more nefarious than protecting you from a cold virus.


The economy has been irreparably shattered. Millions are out of work (or will be imminently when furlough ends). And you think your loving, caring government is incentivised to spend billions keeping economically inactive welfare recipients alive as long as possible?


Once people are no longer earning taxes for the government, and are dependent on the government for money instead, the government is only incentivised to do one thing with them.


(Link to BBC article: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53469839)


Vaccine War of the Words

Posted by Miri on July 7, 2020 at 6:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Aaaand here it comes (see image at footer): The next leg of the marketing drive for Pandemic 1: The Second Wave (Bigger, Badder, and Deadlier Than Ever Before!): Systemic demonisation of "anti-vaxxers" through carefully cultivated media smear campaigns, which are deftly devised to activate strong, primal emotions to do with hate and fear of The Other, in order to whip people up into rabid frenzies and stop them thinking rationally. It's classic war propaganda - degradation and dehumanisation of "the enemy". And, believe you me, anti-vaxxers are indeed the enemy to the ruling class and their dreams of depopulation, as their number one instrument in achieving their genocidal fantasies is the bioweapon "vaccine". The coronavirus vaccine will be the most dangerous we have ever had (even Baal Gates admits this) and will result in mass injury, infertility, disability and death.


So, as we are now in the final weeks before this vaccine is with us, expect pernicious propaganda of this sort to go through the roof. Note that with this piece, as with all of them, there are no evocations of actual science; no links to studies, or informed analyses from experts in the field. Just a quote from the CEO of an organisation named "the Center for Countering Digital Hate" (for heaven's sake!), and then a lot of predictable playground name-calling of people who don't think exactly as the Nanny - sorry, "the Guardian" - thinks they should.


I would just like to take this opportunity to remind old friends and tell new ones about my vaccine site, STRIVE (the Student and Teacher Research Initiative for Vaccine Education) - www.striveuk.webs.com - which exists precisely to counter this sort of perfidious nonsense from the press, and is a resource composed of studies, books, articles, and scientific facts. There is no war propaganda and no attempts to aggressively manipulate anyone’s emotions. Nobody gets called names (not even - no really! - Guardian readers). It's not even "anti-vaccine" - It's just pro-facts, pro-science, and pro reasonable, non-hysterical presentation of the non-mainstream view. Imagine that, corporate, Gates-owned media! Your worst nightmare.... www.striveuk.webs.com