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URGENT: Don't send your children back to school

Posted by Miri on August 26, 2020 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (0)

I am very, very concerned about the re-opening of the schools and the more I see and read, the more I feel I must strongly advise anyone with school-aged children, don't send them back.

I know it's not as simple as that for parents who need to work, who don't have the support to homeschool, or whose older children are insisting themselves they will go back. But please think really carefully in the time we have left about what your options are. Could you use FB to link up with other nearby, like-minded families and support each other with homeschooling? (You'd be amazed at the connections you can use FB to make - I moved to Huddersfield last October, and when I arrived, I had no friends here at all - now, I have a big group of them that I meet with at least weekly; all thanks to FB!)

If your children are very young and you need extra hands-on support at home, have you thought about crowdfunding for a nanny or au pair? With the jobs market in tatters, I bet you'd be flooded with applications and would be doing a good deed for whoever you employ in helping keep them independent. Don't be shy to ask for financial help if you need it, and crowdfunding does work. Anyone wanting to do a campaign like this, let me know and I'll post it on my page.

If you've got older children who are demanding they must return to school, I wouldn't rule out bribing them to stay at home - ! This is only a short-term solution to keep them safe whilst the schools do their worst (I maintain my belief the schools will be closed permanently after a month or two as we enter the "second wave"). Of course bribing children is morally questionable, but at this point I would be doing anything possible to keep them at home - and frankly, bribing does work (I once knew a family where the parents told their delinquent, failing son they would give him £100 for every A he got at GCSE - they ended up nearly bankrupting themselves as he got a run of nearly completely straight As....). Obviously, this also depends on family resources, but you could promise them something for the future if you can't guarantee it now. Anything just to get them to cooperate in the short-term and keep them out of school.

I know this is an extraordinarily difficult area to navigate, but please heed the warnings of increasingly large numbers of people, including the Irish teacher's statement I posted yesterday and this short video from Sweden (in English, linked below). You could show this to older children, if you think they'd be receptive.

Schools are not a safe place for your children and the authorities are doing everything possible to make damn sure that they're not. Ultimately, once your child leaves your care at the school gates, you have no control over what happens to them next. Please think about what you're going to do very, very carefully, and as I say, don't be scared to ask for help (of whatever stripe) if you need it.



Enter: SMART Pods

Posted by Miri on August 1, 2020 at 8:10 AM Comments comments (0)

I'm sure all of us who've visited city centres in the last few years have noticed the dizzying number of new flat builds shooting up everywhere, as well as a lot of super-modern "student housing". What's it all for? Up to now, there hasn't been any mass exodus from the suburbs and countryside to the city, nor has the nation's student count suddenly shot up.


Now we see what it's all been for (see screenshots below). All these people about to be made homeless are going to be herded into the city-centre builds, all of which will have been fully kitted out with 5G and SMART-everything. Your fridge will literally be watching you, whilst you'll be bathed in constant high-frequency EMF exposure, leading to possible radiation poisoning. And what are the symptoms of radiation poisoning? Wouldn't you just know it, they just happen to be respiratory! They just happen to resemble almost exactly the symptoms being attributed to "coronavirus". So there'll be a lot of sick people, helping to further perpetuate the illusion of a "second wave", and we will then see all those extra "emergency hospitals" that have sat completely empty until now, getting some use.


Universities, meanwhile, are never going to return to the traditional model - everything will move online and students will "Zoom from their room" at home, which begs the question of what will be done with all this "student housing" that's gone up everywhere. Same answer. These have all been designed to be used as 5G-enabled SMART-pods; environments deftly designed to have complete surveillance over people's every move and to create sickness (to further the illusion of a "deadly pandemic") and premature death (to meet Agenda 2030 depopulation goals).


Crazy conspiracy theory? I sincerely hope so - but once the government has been called on to fix a problem caused by the government, we know there can only ever be catastrophic consequences.