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The Future That They've Got Mapped Out?

Posted by Miri on August 5, 2020 at 7:25 PM

This is what I believe "they" have planned for the next six months:


The schools will go back in September as promised, but for the sole reason of making sure all pupils are vaccinated with the live, shedding 'flu nasal mist. You may have been told your child's school isn't doing the 'flu mist until later in the year, but "to protect the NHS", expect the programme to be moved forward. This is the only reason they want children to return to school.


(If it is at all possible, I would strongly advise not sending your child back.)


Within a couple of weeks, the 'flu mist will have shed all over the country, creating a tidal wave of ill health - as it does every year, but expect this year's vaccine to be turbocharged with nastiness - and hey presto, there's your "second wave".


Schools will then be closed nationwide, permanently. They are, we will be told, too dangerous to ever re-open, and all teaching will be moved online (I've posted about this before: https://miriaf.webs.com/…/48836324-schools-brave-new-normal- ).


The country will then declare a state of emergency and a second, much more draconian lockdown will be imposed at the end of September, of the sort going on in Australia now. No leaving your house for ANY reason, not even to exercise. State operatives going door-to-door to check you're inside. Huge on-the-spot fines for anyone found breaking "the rules".


Then, the coronavirus vaccine will debut - the most dangerous vaccine ever produced in human history, which is a position even held by many pro-vaccine advocates. The wall-to-wall propaganda and marketing for this vaccine will be extraordinary, and the pressure to receive it, enormous. Millions will, and then the country - already in compromised health from the shedding 'flu mist - will see mass illness and death on a scale never before experienced. The extra hospitals will be full (with the death-trap, organ-harvesting ventilators getting plenty of use, now that the state owns your organs*), and at that point, entirely unlike now, we will all personally know people who are affected.


We have already been told the vaccine won't be a "magic bullet" (after all, we have a 'flu vaccine, and the 'flu is still responsible for mass illness and death every year), so they will drag out the same script to explain why vaccinated people are dropping like flies - "the virus mutated" - "it would have been much worse if you weren't vaccinated" - "anti-vaxxers are compromising herd immunity" - rinse and repeat, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.


At that point, the country will be on its knees in a state of trauma and terror and certainly in no mood to celebrate Christmas, which will be cancelled. Visiting family banned. Christmas lights and attractions called off. And of course, no singing carols, because this, as we know, spreads the virus.


You can also factor in food shortages, power cuts, and a breakdown in law and order (the government has already promised us riots that will entirely eclipse those of 2011 in their severity) as the entire infrastructure of the country collapses.


By the time we get into early 2021, the ruthless assault on the psyche of the (surviving) people will be such that they will be stunned and defeated with trauma, prepared to do anything to feel safe and never experience this horror again. They will agree to chipping, tracking, tracing, monitoring, constant surveillance and vaccination - anything! Just don't make us live through this horror again!


"Of course not, my pretties," the criminally insane overlords will cackle. "Just do exactly as we say, always and forever, and we promise you protection and security. Now, here's your latest injection of sterilising carcinogenic neurotoxins to keep you safe, because we love you. Sorry about bulldozing your house, by the way."


This is the future they've got mapped out.


If it's not a future you particularly care for, the time for action is NOW. Every "little" thing we do, from writing to officials to challenging mask mandates to refusing to comply with track and trace, makes a difference, and if we all do "little" things as often as we can, we end up having a big impact.


We are many and they are few. The only reason they are getting away with this is our silence and compliance.


Speak up - even if your voice shakes. 



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