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The Year They Cancelled Christmas

Posted by Miri on August 15, 2020 at 11:40 AM

When town centres are cancelling Christmas celebrations in AUGUST (as per below link), you know this isn't about a virus.



I have predicted on several occasions previously that Christmas this year will be cancelled, and that this winter is going to be very difficult indeed. The first wave was an IQ test; the second will be a resilience test. Please prepare now for food shortages, power cuts, and disruptions to the water and heating supplies (in LA, they're already threatening to cut households off who host "non-permitted gatherings").


Remember also that significant power cuts will stop us being able to charge our phones, laptops, etc., leaving most of us very cut off. Make provisions for that now so it doesn't hit you too hard if/when it happens - for instance, make sure you have addresses of nearby friends written down in pen so you can go round to their houses without needing to consult your phone (if you don't have nearby friends, now is the time to make them! Plenty of local meet-ups being arranged via FB).


Keep buying extra tins and other non-perishables every time you go shopping, as well as bottled water, torches, matches, batteries, and anything else you might need in the event of power cuts and/or supply scarcity. Extra blankets are a good idea, as I foresee a bitterly cold winter, compounded by heating failures. Don't forget non-electronic entertainment items, such as books, games, drawing equipment, etc. And remember to stock up for pets, too.


As I said, what's coming will be a resilience test and "they" really will try to break us. Cancelling Christmas will be an attempt to deliver a huge, traumatic bodyblow to an already psychologically shattered culture, following months of other profound disruptions (the fallout when furlough and eviction protection ends in October is going to be unimaginable), so prepare yourself now, including psychologically and emotionally.


We are also going to see a sudden uptick in illness and death, which will be caused by a number of factors including the shedding children's 'flu vaccine, the immune-suppressing adult 'flu vaccine, contaminated test kits, months of festering muzzle wearing, general lowered immunity from months of sitting inside avoiding fresh air, sunlight, and human contact, and of course, from the coronavirus vaccine. We will all have to prepare ourselves for the fact that people we know will be affected. It won't be the same as now when almost no-one knows anyone who's actually ill.


I'm not saying this to scare you, but to prepare you, because like I said, what's coming is a resilience test. And as with all tests, if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. I do actually think there's light at the end of the tunnel once we get through this; but we do have to get through that tunnel first.


The main things that will get you through are practical supplies (food, blankets, books, etc.) and human support - so use the time we have left before the "second wave" (about four weeks, I'd say) to do all you can to bolster your reserves of both.


See you on the other side...


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