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"Piers Morgan denies he's Home Alone pigeon lady"

Posted by Miri on December 9, 2020 at 5:20 AM

I find the mainstream media, linked above, to be an endless source of fascination, because it DOES reveal the truth, if you know how to read it properly (this was explored to brilliant effect by investigative journalist, David McGowan, who exposed some extraordinary "conspiracy theories" simply by citing mainstream sources and knowing how to interpret them - his work is a must-read if you haven't discovered it yet).

I'm not saying the truth is that Piers Morgan is pigeon lady (an insult to pigeon ladies everywhere), but if you read the whole article, it's casually, blink-and-you'll-miss-it thrown in at the end that: "Piers then took the opportunity to remind viewers he’s starred in a total of 10 films, including Flight (2012) and Entourage (2015)."

Not incidentally, Piers also starred in deadly-plague movie, World War Z, as a shrieking talking head predicting mass death and devastation.

The point I'm making, and that the mainstream media is clearly telling you, is that Piers is a (quite accomplished) actor. He's playing a part. Many have marvelled at how he can be so extraordinarily thick, heartless, pompous, etc., so completely and utterly impervious to the real facts about this fake pandemic, and it's quite easily answered - it's because he's acting. He's reading from a script. He's playing a character called Piers Morgan, just like he did in World War Z and all the other films he's starred in.

As it happens, Piers Morgan used to be a Facebook friend of mine (I know, I know, it was a long time ago, I was young and naive etc.) and I had a brief correspondence with him. He isn't stupid. He is, however, a very good actor.

When you go to watch World War Z at the cinema, you know it isn't real, and that Piers is playing a part, because you're overtly told before you buy the ticket.

When you watch GMB on television, you're tricked into thinking it's real, but in reality, it's just another glossy studio production staged by actors, and you're being covertly told that all the time (check just how many talking heads and politicians have profiles on IMDB).

It is very, very pertinent indeed that the "first man to get the vaccine" was William Shakespeare. All the world really is a stage, and they're telling you so all the time.

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