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The Empowerment of Epistles in a Pantomime Plague...

Posted by Miri on January 25, 2021 at 8:30 AM

As a fervent believer in the might of the pen over the sword (and even the social distancing zapper... yes, it's a thing...), I've always enjoyed putting together a good strongly-worded letter. I've written several dozen since the fantasy 'flu began, to employers, hospitals, schools, newspapers and businesses, and to modestly good effect. Quite often, the recipients of the letters have backed down and responded in the desired way. You can see all my letters here: https://miriaf.webs.com/site-index

When I first started writing them, I offered my services to assist others who might variously be experiencing mask discrimination, pressures to get tests or vaccines, or who otherwise wanted to protest the pathological perpetuation of pantomime plague propaganda...

This has been a very instructive and enlightening exercise, and I thank everyone who has entrusted me with sometimes very personal issues to try and help them. I especially thank you if you've been kind enough to compensate me for my efforts, since letter-writing has taken up increasingly large amounts of time, inevitably at the expense of paid work.

However, I've now come to the conclusion that my writing letters for other people isn't helping them as much as empowering them to write them themselves would. I've covered many of the major issues in my existing templates, referenced the relevant laws and further resources, and for many situations, there is all the information there people need to start putting something together themselves.

Nevertheless, I get large numbers of requests every day for help to write letters that regard issues I've already addressed. I completely understand why this is happening, and that people are thinking - "but I can't write a good letter! Yours will be much better!" - and I'm very flattered they think so. But the only reason I can put together a half-decent missive is because of years of practice. The letter-writing fairy did not sprinkle her magical dust on me (alas!). I just practiced, and practiced, and practiced. That is the only way anyone gets good at anything. So, if I keep doing these letters for others, I'm taking away the opportunity from them to develop that skill themselves.

I will continue to write letters from my own initiative, addressing the increasingly insidious situation we find ourselves in and holding egregious authorities to account, and will always publish them on my website for anyone who wants to to use and adapt. But I can no longer offer personalised, bespoke letter-writing services - because ultimately, I don't think this is optimally serving others.

There's also the issue of my time and finances, neither of which are in great shape... I get huge numbers of requests for help and advice every day, and I am just one person with no "staff". Even if I spent every waking hour replying to people, I could not keep on top of it - and much of the work I am asked to do is unpaid. Like many of us, I'm not in a strong financial position and can't keep giving so much of my time away for free. I don't have a "day job" (lost it last year as a result of the corona circus), so rely entirely on writing to generate an income.

Many of you have very kindly and generously supported my efforts via donation and for this I am extremely grateful. But a large volume of people who want my help do not, and so I am going to have to be a bit more practical and prioritise my bottom line, which is that I need to make enough money to keep a roof over my head and non-GMO food on the table (and feed the world's hungriest cat... Pro-tip: check any potential cat's birthday and think very carefully if it is a Taurus! ��).

As I say, I will continue generating letter templates and publishing them on my website for others to use; writing articles and commentaries, and producing leaflets (new one coming soon!), but as of this week, will no longer be writing bespoke letters for other people. Thanks for your understanding on this; it's not a decision I've come to lightly.

I'm also in the process of having a new website developed, where letters and other content will be easier to access and download (I know there's a problem with the current site where the text turns completely black when copied and pasted! If you highlight the text and change the background to white and text to black, it reappears).

Thanks for reading, and thank you once again for all your fantastic support since the corona circus came to town. Without it, I would have truly despaired of humanity to the extent I might EVEN have been tempted to start watching the BBC...

...Okay, that's a bit of creative licence. It's never got THAT bad... ��

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