Miri AF

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A song about Corona-conformers, in the style of Gloria Gaynor's disco classic...

At first they were afraid, they were petrified
They could not live without sanitiser by their side
And then they spent so many nights getting scare-mongered by TV

And they grew wrong 
And now we cannot get along

But now they’re back!
With a muzzled face
Get one step too close 
And they'll be calling track and trace

They're struggling to breathe
They're inhaling toxic waste
Of their total state submission
We are getting a true taste

Go on now, go! Look at the floor
There are arrows there and circles 
‘Cause you ain’t free any more 

Weren’t they the ones that tried to hurt us with furlough?
Did they think that we’d clap for 
Running out of dough? 

But now they cheer
Down on their knees
As the hospitals kill granny 
There’s looters to appease 

And they’ve got all their lives to lose
And there’s so many vaccines from which to choose 

They won’t survive, they won’t survive 

Oh no, they won’t survive 
As long as they keep soaking up the televisual lies
They’re terrified of everything, they’ve stopped living their own lives
They cower in their houses allowing viruses to thrive

Open your eyes
You could survive
If you would just switch off the TV
Look around and realise

There is no pandemic, you've been sold a media fraud
'Cause it helps push the agenda of your evil overlords

Take off your mask!
Get air and sun
It's time to defy tyrants
If you want justice to be done

We've got all our lives to live, and they've got all their puppets to fib
We could survive
If you'd just realise....

Ooooh oooh....*Fades out*

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