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A song about Corona-conformers, in the style of Gloria Gaynor's disco classic... 

At first they were afraid, they were petrified
They could not live without sanitiser by their side
And then they spent so many nights getting scare-mongered by TV

And they grew wrong 
And now we cannot get along

But now they’re back!
With a muzzled face
Get one step too close 
And they'll be calling track and trace

They're struggling to breathe
They're inhaling toxic waste
Of their total state submission
We are getting a true taste

Go on now, go! Look at the floor
There are arrows there and circles 
‘Cause you ain’t free any more 

Weren’t they the ones that tried to hurt us with furlough?
Did they think that we’d clap for 
Running out of dough? 

But now they cheer
Down on their knees
As the hospitals kill granny 
There’s looters to appease 

And they’ve got all their lives to lose
And there’s so many vaccines from which to choose 

They won’t survive, they won’t survive 

Oh no, they won’t survive 
As long as they keep soaking up the televisual lies
They’re terrified of everything, they’ve stopped living their own lives
They cower in their houses allowing viruses to thrive

Open your eyes
You could survive
If you would just switch off the TV
Look around and realise

There is no pandemic, you've been sold a media fraud
'Cause it helps push the agenda of your evil overlords

Take off your mask!
Get air and sun
It's time to defy tyrants
If you want justice to be done

We've got all our lives to live, and they've got all their puppets to fib
We could survive
If you'd just realise....

Ooooh oooh....*Fades out*

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Wanna (Mask of The) Beast? (A Re-Imagining of the 1990s Spice Girls' classic...)

If you wanna wear face cover
You gotta be round the bend
Suffocating you forever
Satan's little friend

If you wanna wear face cover
You have got to give
All your self--respect and dignity, that's the way it is

So here's the story from 'flu to CV
If you wanna see '23, you better listen carefully
We got B. Gates in the place who wants to sterilise your race
We got BBC stealing fees to fund his killing spree

Sleazy B doesn't come for free, he's real shady
And as for immunity, haha, you'll see

Slam the vaccine down and smash it on the ground
Slam the vaccine down and smash it on the ground

If you want a future, forget the past
Forget what you were taught in science class
It was just propaganda, a waste of time
Do your own research and you will be just fine

Oh what you think about that, now you know about Keele
Blocking research funding that might reveal
That vaccines aren't safe
They're such frauds
All to win the favour of their pharma overlords

You don't wanna wear face cover
(You gotta, you gotta, you gotta, you gotta, you gotta slam)
Muzzling you forever
(Slam, slam, slam, slam)
Slam the vaccine down and smash it on the ground
Slam the vaccine down and smash it on the ground
(Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey)
Slam the vaccine down and smash it on the ground
Slam the vaccine down and do a jig - ah!

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If You Tolerate This (An Ode to Liberals)

Tolerance! That's what it's all about
If you don't agree, we'll swear and scream and shout
We're the loving, caring ones, see our halos shine
If you dare dissent, we'll force you back in line

We'll tell you what to think, don't you worry about that
Different views and debate? Such old hat
If you don't worship at the altar of the NHS
If you don't want your children taught by a man in a dress

You're a bigot, you're a fascist, you're just a backwards brat
We've got this loving, caring stuff right down pat
If you dare to disobey and didn’t vote Remain
Your betrayal is abhorrent, worse than Abel and Cain

(Of course the Bible's nonsense though, so is all religiosity
Except for Statism and Scientism and other such monstrosity)

Don't be so transphobic, gender's malleable as clay
But demi-boy transgenders? Born that way
We need to make sure women aren't oppressed
By letting men in their changing rooms to watch them get undressed

Challenge anything we say, you're phobic, full of fear
Just ask brave Bruce Jenner, woman of the year
You can be anything you want, you're liberated and free
To agree with and support us and pick your gender, aged three

If all this seems bizarre and such an aberration
It's clear you need some loving liberal re-education
Menacing and ominous, don't think we should?
Shut up, stop talking, it's for the greater good

As we're viciously condemning you, don't forget you're full of hate
You're a Nazi and a moron and deserve a grisly fate
Bludgeoning you with insults, surely can't fail
You've internalised misogyny, from evil white males

Never judge people on their gender or their race
Unless they disagree with us and need putting in their place
Then they're stupid white people, mansplaining jerks
Funny how this double standard just always works!

Remember climate change is real and Greta Thunberg is a saint
Dare to disagree, we'll clutch our pearls and feel faint
We're a bit malnourished, see, from the vegan diet
Omnivores need meat? Just keep quiet!

You have to vote as we tell you, you must think like us
We're for the people on the Clapham omnibus
Except for this one and for that one and that monster over there
He said 'gender-neutral pronouns? I just don't care.'

You must worship J. Corbyn as the new messiah
Even though his voting records show he's just another liar
He's been anti-EU his entire career
But pointing that out? A Tory smear!

We only accept democracy when it goes our way
Believe that when it doesn't, there'll be hell to pay
All the other options, we'll attack and blame and slander
But dare to question us, it's dangerous propaganda

Stop violently oppressing us with your speech and your thoughts
We control the justice system and we can prosecute in court
If you dare to disagree with us, it's right you go to jail
It's obvious you're guilty if you read the Daily Mail

Once we've silenced you all with the rule of law
Once we've transformed our culture into 1984
When we've eliminated all variants and political choice
We'll praise our great diversity with one united voice

One day, though, we might have cause to think twice
An original thought might emerge, a dangerous vice
When we cautiously speak up to our tolerant friends
We will see exactly where this loving tolerance ends

Denounced and rejected, kicked out of the gang
We'll be drawn and quartered, left out to hang
We thought we mattered, we thought they loved and cared
But too late we see the trap in which we were snared

Even if you preach their dogma your entire career
Just remember what happened to Germaine Greer
One note from the collective hymn sheet you don't correctly sing
That's it, condemned, too right-wing!

Tolerance tolerates you as long as you submit
And when you don't, you'll be deemed mentally unfit
Try to think for yourself and question sacred creeds
For your own destruction, you've just sewn the seeds

Muzzled and slandered, labelled psychically unwell
They'll drug and sedate you, so you never can tell
You're the worst of all evils, you didn't tolerate
A despotic authority determining your fate

Tolerance means letting tyrants set the rules
If you think otherwise, you've been tragically fooled
That's why we've been warned, all throughout history
That tolerance is the last virtue of a dead society

Find this poem permanently at:   https://miriaf.webs.com/tolerancepoem

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