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(Initial letter here)


Dear [names],

I hope you remain well in these challenging times.

As you may recall, I wrote to you on [date] regarding my daughter, [name], and my concerns about the school's coronavirus protocols. I detailed what I do and do not consent to, and one procedure I do not consent to is any form of coronavirus testing. In my previous letter, I said:

"I do not feel that schools are the place for medical processes to take place, and I only allow trusted healthcare professionals to conduct medical procedures on my daughter. Therefore, I do not consent to my daughter receiving any coronavirus testing at school. If she develops symptoms of illness, I will keep her at home as I would with any other illness, and arrange any necessary testing or treatment myself."

This remains my position, and I felt it was necessary to reiterate it in light of recent media reports that "millions" of Covid tests will be rolled out in schools imminently:

Please allow me to underscore that under no circumstances is my daughter to receive any form of Covid testing in school. I regret that you interpreted my previous correspondence regarding this matter as "aggressive", and that is certainly not my intention. I merely wish to be very unambiguously clear regarding what my wishes are where my daughter's health and medical needs are concerned. Naturally, as a parent, I feel very strongly about such things, and while I am able to understand that my passion and dedication to optimising my daughter's wellbeing could in some circumstances be misinterpreted as "aggression", please again allow me to clarify that is not my intention. I know and appreciate that you as professional educators share my commitment to nurturing the next generation, and that, ultimately, we share the same goals regarding optimising the wellbeing and future success of our children. I look forward to many years of continuing to work together and enjoying a mutually respectful relationship. 

Please reply to this letter within 7 days of today's date acknowledging that I continue to withhold consent for my daughter to receive any Covid testing in school. If such a test is administered to her against my express wishes, including "in error" (something I am aware sometimes happens in schools regarding vaccination), I will, regrettably, be obliged to pursue further legal action.

Yours sincerely,

{Email address]

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