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COVID information leaflets


21. Follow-up letter to school re: coronavirus testing

20. Letter to gym forcing pre-teen children to wear masks during exercise

19. Letter to leisure arcade illegally refusing entry to the mask-exempt

18. Letter to shopping centre who forced a mask-exempt family to leave

17. Open letter to Mayor of Liverpool re: tier 3 Covid restrictions

16. Letter regarding dangers and inadequacies of Covid-19 PCR test

15. Letter for parent with joint legal custody re: medical processes at school

14. Letter for someone mask-exempt turned away from a shop

13. Letter written for someone mask-exempt denied sight test without doctor's note

12. Letter written for someone thrown of a plane for being mask-exempt

10. Letter written for someone denied entry to a pub without wearing a mask

9. Letter written for someone suspended from work re: masks

8. Letter written for a parent regarding coronavirus protocols at school

7. Letter written for a parent challenging school temperature checking

6. Letter written for an NHS employee challenging "mandatory" masks

5. Letter to Manchester Council regarding "a major incident"

4. Letter to Kirklees Council regarding coronavirus regulations

3. Correspondence with local MP regarding coronavirus "lockdown"

2. Letter to Wetherspoon pub regarding "track and trace"

1. Letter to local restaurant regarding "track and trace"


"I Will Survive" - Coronavirus Mix

"Wannabe" - Coronavirus Mix


Letter to the Daily Mail regarding misrepresenting vaccines

Letter to the Sunday Times regarding a "hit piece" on Professor Chris Exley

Letter to Keele University regarding spreading misinformation about the HPV vaccine

My vaccine website

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and I challenge Keele University on rejecting his research donation


Tin Foiled

Tolerate This





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