Miri AF

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Tin Foiled

So all in all I like you,
You seem generally quite bright;
You've got A-levels and can spell,
(Although you are a bit far-right.)

I want us to get on,
But your views aren't quite the clearest.
Please explain why you've become
A crazy conspiracy theorist?

I can't believe you think important people,
With the power to impose their views,
Might get together to make plans,
They don't tell us about on the news.

It's mad to doubt the moon landings,
When I saw them on TV.
You can't question what the tele-screen says,
Or reject the racket BBC.

'Jet fuel can't melt steel beams',
That's just more crazy talk.
Passports are indestructible,
Whilst buildings crumble like cork.

There's no such thing as VIP abuse,
Jimmy Saville acted alone:
He wasn't in cahoots with anyone,
Certainly not his friends on the throne.

Jeffrey Epstein definitely killed himself,
And Prince Andrew did nothing wrong.
No reason that so many child abusers,
End up with Royal-stamped gongs.

It's ridiculous for you to question anything,
It's mad you think powerful people conspire.
It's absurd you reject official stories,
Or question the statements of known liars.

Believe teachers and doctors,
Trust the media and your MP,
Especially when they firmly insist,
There's no such thing as vaccine injury.

Conflict of interest is a made-up phrase,
Getting injected with metals is a must;
In the great pharmaceutical cartels,
We place our love and trust.

Of course the history books tell us the truth,
I don't want any protestation:
Certainly not conspiracy nonsense like
The truth doesn't fear investigation.

Now you're spouting yet more nonsense,
About the 'dangers' of 5G.
Governments would never hurt their own people,
Just look at history!

Anyway, I have to get going soon,
I'm off for my yearly 'flu shot.
I can't recall if I told you?
My memory seems going to pot.

My doctor's such a generous man:
He's got me on eight medications already.
But for some reason, lately, on my feet,
I'm feeling a bit unsteady.

I've no time for any of your nonsense,
About the power of natural tools:
If any of that were true,
Pharma would teach it in medical schools.

I've got hypertension and diabetes;
Failing memory and depression.
Yes, I'm only thirty-eight,
But spare me your quackery 'lessons'.

Yes, I know my kids have got issues:
Problems never seen in my day.
But the most important thing is being normal,
And that means you submit and obey.

That's what it comes down to,
That's why you have to believe,
Whatever official people tell you,
No matter what tangled webs they weave.

You choose to be weird and crazy,
Throwing TV truths in the bin.
I choose to be sane and normal...
Because I just want to fit in.

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